What Every Homeowner Needs To Know About Lawn and Landscaping Soils

Soil health is one of the little understood aspects of residential landscapes for a very simple reason. Everything is happening quietly beneath the surface.

In fact, just as plant professionals go to the soil to get to the root of plant problems, you may wish to check in periodically too.

A homeowner look at landscaping soil

Just like a physician, a plant horticulturist will not make a diagnosis just from what they see on the surface. He or she will literally go deeper to discover more about air, water, food, and shelter – the essential needs of every living creature.

Understanding the basics of lawn and landscape soils will equip you to make informed choices for the trees and shrubs at your home. Continue reading

3 Simple Tips to Control Weeds in Your Pittsburgh Lawn

Imagine your kids playing Frisbee, your friends coming over for a BBQ, and the family dog running around in your backyard.  What does your lawn look like?  Is it lush, green and weed free?

Lawns create a peaceful place full of natural beauty that immediately affects your mood. It’s not uncommon to be brought into a tranquil and happy space when walking barefoot through a beautiful lawn. Continue reading

3 Reasons to Prune Shrubs in Late Winter

Throughout the year, there are a few reasons to prune shrubs such as to maintain the size, improve its appearance, or remove dead wood.  All of these purposes are beneficial to keep a plant healthy year after year.

However, late winter is a wonderful window of opportunity where many trees and shrubs are dormant so we can prepare them for vigorous spring growth. Continue reading

How to Care for a New Construction Lawn in Pittsburgh

It you have recently built a new home, you’re excited about settling into your new place as soon as possible. New construction means that you have made an investment in your home and property. It also means your property is going show the signs of construction equipment and materials, and many people will be moving throughout your yard. This compacts the soil and damages existing grass, and the damage will prevent a healthy new lawn from growing. You will need to hire a Pittsburgh lawn care and maintenance company to transform your property into a valued investment. Continue reading

Benefits of Core Aeration and Over Seeding

Your fall/spring lawn care should include several important elements, including aeration, overseeding, and composting.

In the fall, it’s important to ensure that your grass roots are healthy and growing, and that your grass has enough nutrients to withstand through a long – and possibly very cold – winter. Dream Greener offers double aeration, overseeding, and composting services to the southwestern Pennsylvania area.  Continue reading

Three Reasons You Should Hire a Full-Service Lawn and Landscaping Company

Some homeowners believe that the cost of a hiring a full-service lawn and landscaping company will be prohibitive, and they instead try to do everything themselves. That may cause them time, money, and peace of mind. Your outdoor property – your lawn and landscaping – is an investment, just like your home. Just as your home needs to be been cleaned and maintained, so does your yard. Continue reading