4 Ways your Plant Bed Affects your Overall Plant’s Health

Plant beds create a professional, welcoming look for your property and provide curb appeal that enhances the value or your home or business.

However, just like the other features of your property, beds must be tended to regularly to keep your plants healthy and growing, and looking cultivated and well-tended. Beds that are struggling will appear yellowed, brown, or collapsing because they are not receiving the proper amount of water, nutrients, and/or fertilizer. Continue reading

How to Care for a New Construction Lawn in Pittsburgh

It you have recently built a new home, you’re excited about settling into your new place as soon as possible. New construction means that you have made an investment in your home and property. It also means your property is going show the signs of construction equipment and materials, and many people will be moving throughout your yard. This compacts the soil and damages existing grass, and the damage will prevent a healthy new lawn from growing. You will need to hire a Pittsburgh lawn care and maintenance company to transform your property into a valued investment. Continue reading

Benefits of Core Aeration and Over Seeding

Your fall/spring lawn care should include several important elements, including aeration, overseeding, and composting.

In the fall, it’s important to ensure that your grass roots are healthy and growing, and that your grass has enough nutrients to withstand through a long – and possibly very cold – winter. Dream Greener offers double aeration, overseeding, and composting services to the southwestern Pennsylvania area.  Continue reading

Three Reasons You Should Hire a Full-Service Lawn and Landscaping Company

Some homeowners believe that the cost of a hiring a full-service lawn and landscaping company will be prohibitive, and they instead try to do everything themselves. That may cause them time, money, and peace of mind. Your outdoor property – your lawn and landscaping – is an investment, just like your home. Just as your home needs to be been cleaned and maintained, so does your yard. Continue reading

Landscaping Experts Reveal Which Neighborhoods have the Best Lawns in Pittsburgh

Best Lawns in Pittsburgh

Dream Greener

What makes a truly spectacular lawn? You may think it’s a special blend of fertilizer or spending an evening each week mowing the grass, but a well-tended lawn is a result of a scheduled maintenance programs that keep your property looking its best.

We’re sharing pictures of some of the most beautiful lawns in the South Hills of Pittsburgh that Dream Greener services, including areas like Upper St. Clair, McMurray, and Mt. Lebanon.

Continue reading