Landscape Design and Planting

These landscaping elements surrounding your home are just as important as your lawn. Flowers, shrubs, hedges, and small tree plantings can spruce up the appearance of your property—adding color, texture, and beauty.

Dream Greener supplies and delivers them, prepares the soil, and then professionally plants, fertilizes and maintains these new additions to your grounds.

Pittsburgh-South Hills Landscape Design and Planting

A comprehensive landscaping program requires knowledge and skill. The Dream Greener team has years of experience with seasonal plantings in residential and commercial areas and can help you choose the best plantings for your needs and your ground conditions as well as your property’s attractiveness and appeal.

Tree Planting Services

  • Shrubbery and hedges add overall dimension to your property. They can be used to define areas of your yard, to draw the eye to details on your home, or to serve as a backdrop against flower beds or hardscapes. Shrubs complement your landscaping, but their placement should be carefully considered based on soil, sunlight, drainage, expected growth, proportions, and blooming period.
  • Annual and perennials flowers provide color and depth when well placed in particular areas: near entrances, walkways, hardscapes, fences, porches, and patios. Along with the additional considerations of the varieties of blooms, heights, and colors from which to choose, it’s best to have our professionals help you design and lay out the plantings.
  • Small trees provide focal points for your grounds that can’t be achieved using flowering plants or shrubs. They also offer shade and privacy and produce blooms, fruit, or colorful foliage. However, small trees have to be carefully planned as a part of an entire landscaping design.
  • Trees, shrubs, and flowering plants are diverse; some require very particular soil features, may be susceptible to certain diseases, have different growth patterns, and reach various heights. Dream Greener professionals will advise you and help you select the right plantings and placement.

Maintaining Your Landscape’s Well-Tended Appearance

Your landscape and these plantings require ongoing maintenance. Dream Greener prunes, weeds, and fertilizes flower beds, hedges, shrubs, and small trees according to their specific needs.

Our signature service provides you with reliable, predictable, scheduled maintenance, week in and week out. Our experts will help keep your property looking well-tended and beautiful. We offer easy pay options and accept all major credit cards.

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