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Lawn Installation, Repair, Replacement

Dream Greener’s lawn replacement, repair, and installation services can transform your grounds and enhance your property’s beauty and curb appeal.

We install completely new turf and lawns and fix existing turf and lawn problems. If your grass has been damaged by poor weather conditions, construction, insects, or poor soil conditions, Dream Greener will evaluate its condition and suggest appropriate repair or replacement services. For those who are building a new home or business, or who are undergoing construction on an existing structure, our installation program will produce a new, green lawn.

Lawn Installation Overview

Dream Greener provides new lawns from the ground up, which includes installing a newly graded soil base, with your choice of a variety of overseeding, hydro-seeding, or sod. We can help you determine the best option or a combination of options for your yard according to your needs and the season. If you are finishing a home or business construction project, we can first grade the existing soil base and then begin the installation.

The following information lists the benefits and variations of each installation method:

Over-seeding is a basic, cost-effective way to grow a new lawn. We will prepare your soil by top dressing it with compost and then spread grass seed throughout your yard. With proper watering and care, your lawn will grow in within 6 to 8 weeks.

Hydro-seeding is a mixture of seed, hydro mulch, fertilizer, and water. It’s uniformly sprayed onto the soil and creates an ideal environment for grass to grow. Hydroseeding is often used on large property areas and for commercial lawn applications.

Sod is commonly installed on properties that are undergoing new home or business construction. It uses already-grown patches of sod that are laid end-to-end on graded soil until a property is completely covered with sod. This option provides you with an “instant” lawn that’s free of weeds. It is more expensive than over-seeding or hydro-seeding since it’s already grown and requires more labor. It must be watered and kept moist until its root system is fully grown into the ground.

After your new lawn has been installed, Dream Greener’s lawn and landscape professionals will provide you with recommendations on watering requirements and ongoing care and maintenance so that your grass will continue to form a strong root system and grow.

Bethel Park, South Hills, and the Pittsburgh area Lawn Repair and Replacement

Every year, many home and business owners throughout our southwestern Pennsylvania region find that their properties and grounds have been damaged or that patches of grass have died due to common issues such as weather, location, soil degradation, unsuitable lawn products and/or improper care. Dream Greener’s technicians will evaluate the condition of your grounds and discuss seeding options that will turn sparse, patchy grass into a lush area with an attractive, healthy appearance.

Dream Greener recommends a tailored care and treatment plan for healthy lawns and grounds year round, including weed control, fertilization, targeted insect control, soil amendments, spring and fall aeration, and composting. Call us today to improve and upgrade the look and health of your grounds or to install a beautiful new lawn in the Pittsburgh and South Hills area. Contact us at 412-835-1035 or via email