Leaf Cleanup and Removal

Residential and Commercial Leaf Removal

Leaf removal services provided by our skilled Dream Greener team involve full servicing leaves and seasonal debris atop lawns and landscapes. We will remove all leaves and leaf debris from the entire yard, as well as from yard areas such as flower beds. Our leaf removal services will leave you with a lawn and landscape that is well-maintained, clean and leaf-free.

Effective Leaf Collection

We will gather and collect leaves and seasonal debris from all areas of lawns and landscapes. No matter how large or small the area needing leaf removal services is, our Dream Greener team will tackle issues of any yard, any size.

Leaf Removal Vacuum Truck

Our Vacuum Trucks Safely and Cleanly Remove Excess Yard Debris and Leaves from your property

Sturdy Packaging

We ensure that after debris is collected it is also packaged sturdy to stay collected. We leave no leaf left untouched on lawns, nor in lawn nooks such as in deep corners, around edges and within flower beds.

Professional Removal

After our devoted Dream Greener team collects and vacuums fallen leaves and seasonal debris, we also professionally remove the debris from the premises. We leave lawn and landscape owners fully satisfied and without worry with our full maintenance leaf removal services.

Pittsburgh Leaf Removal
For lawn appearance and health, we generally recommend that leaf removal services be scheduled at the same time as other services, such as when the lawn is mowed. By performing yard and landscape maintenance tasks at once, included duties, such as clean-ups, become collective. This means that we do one hefty cleaning up of all debris from fallen leaves to edged grass clippings, rather than wasting time spanning out similar tasks. By having lawn and landscape maintenance done collectively, valuable time is saved and the health of your lawn is fully restored in every aspect of care.

Our lawn and landscaping services will provide for a well-maintained yard all around, no matter the season. Please call us today, at 412-835-1035, or use the contact form on this page now for more information about our efficient leaf removal services.


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