Bethel Park, South Hills & Pittsburgh Mulch Services

Any lawn is able to be transformed by the use of simple landscaping touches such as mulching. Adding mulched areas to your lawn will provide aesthetically pleasing results that are also resourceful for the health of your entire lawn. Contact our Dream Greener team now to schedule a consultation for your lawn today!

Mulch Edging & Filling

Our mulch services involve more than simply laying down mulch in specified areas of lawn landscapes. At Dream Greener, our mulching team will also install mulch in flower beds, which often reduces the frequency of flower bed maintenance. Our team will even take our mulching services a step further and edge the freshly mulched areas of your landscape for a crisp finishing look.

Accurate Layout Designs

Before beginning any mulching project, our professionals will determine the amount of mulch needed to cover beneath flower beds and shrubbery areas. We also assist you in determining a layout of how you want the design of your mulch to be placed. By establishing an accurate layout design of your lawn’s mulching areas, we will be able to review project necessities with you before starting for establish communal understanding of the entire project.

Why Add Mulching Services to Your Landscape?

Mulching your outdoor area will make it look well maintained, but mulching also offers lawn health qualities to help all of the life of your landscape as well. By adding mulch to places such as flower beds and beneath shrubbery, the moisture needed to maintain healthy shrubs is retained. Yet, be aware that applying too much mulch around certain types of flowers could lead to root rot and fungus. We know the exact right amount of mulch for every aspect of various landscapes, to give you only the best lawn results possible.

Contact us at Dream Greener today for more information about our professional mulching services. We will ensure that your landscaping is mulched effectively and efficiently, from start to finish, for a landscape that you will love all season long.