Annual Flower Rotations

Landscape Enhancements

Adding a splash of color, beautiful specimen flowers are the finishing touch, the icing on the cake.  Dream Greener provides landscaping enhancements that increase the beauty and heighten the visual enjoyment of your property. Imagine going outside simply to walk and look at your beautiful flowers.

Annual Color Rotations

Dream Greener will complement your beds with continuous color throughout the growing season. We will plant spring annuals, change out the plantings in the summer, and then introduce fall annuals.

Our team has a variety of pansies, dianthus, snapdragon, sweet alyssum and geraniums that are great to start the spring season. As the weather warms into summer petunias, begonia, zinnia, salvia, and sunpatiens are fantastic additions.

We’ll cool down in the fall with mums, pansies and kale.  During each season, your property will be professionally tended and you’ll enjoy an attractive yard, while Dream Greener manages all of the details.

Updated Landscaping

We update existing landscaping elements throughout the year: removing tired or outdated flowers, shrubs, and other plantings and then refreshing them with new materials.

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Landscape Enhancement Packages for South Hills, Pittsburgh, and other areas

Dream Greener’s packages provide you with professional, scheduled landscaping services throughout the year. Instead of spending your free time working on your landscaping, allow us to do it for you every season. Our landscape enhancement packages are tailored specifically for you.

Dream Greener’s reliable, scheduled service keeps your property professionally maintained. Call us today.

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