Lawn Composting & Soil Amendments

What is Lawn Compost?

Compost is decomposed organic material and it’s a beneficial addition to your soil. Compost amends the soil adding organic material and beneficial organisms. The performance of turf in marginal or poor soils improves with the addition of compost as a soil amendment. Compost is decomposed organic matter, rich in nutrients and teeming with microorganisms.  Compost is usually mixed two parts bark, leaves and dry material to one part wet or green material such as grass clippings and left in either containers or piles to decompose.

Generally, the composting process can take a few months to a year or more to finish. Air movement is important so large piles are turned periodically and containers are often open to the air in some manner. Decomposing compost should remain evenly moist but not wet.

Compost in active decay is said to be cooking because its temperature can reach anywhere from 120-160 degrees Fahrenheit. This high temperature helps sterilize weed seeds and eliminate harmful bacteria found in some manures. Eventually the compost processes and begins to cool becoming more and more concentrated. Compost is full of microorganisms that work in the soil making nutrients available to be used by the grass plants.  Compost also boasts micronutrients that are extremely beneficial for plant growth.

Our Composting Process

Dream Greener employs a variety of tactics to incorporate compost.  Compost can be spread or top-dress a layer on the surface of the lawn.  The compost is raked and smoothed out. We also cultivate, incorporate and  change soil with the installation of compost. Dream Greener also applies  compost immediately after seeding and aerating. This provides a fantastic start for grass seedlings.

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Soil Amendments

Incorporating soil amendments improves soil structure, promotes drainage and provides nutrients. These improvements promote faster turf establishment and improve the quality of turf density, color and increased rooting.

Improve the soil = improve the lawn. It’s as simple as that.

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