Spring and Fall Aeration Services

Aeration is an important part of having a healthy lawn. It helps nutrients in the soil reach the roots of your grass and plants, permits more water to circulate among your lawn, allows fertilizer to more fully penetrate, and improves the resiliency of your grass. It will also help with water puddling and runoff during the rainy season.

Core Aeration Improves Lawn Health

Many people have heard of aeration, but don’t know what it is. Aeration is the process of taking small plugs of ground out of densely compacted soil that is then deposited on the surface of the
Aerationground. This enhances both the air movement in the soil and the nutrient base that’s already in your yard. It’s often used in yards that have highly compacted soil or for lawns that aren’t getting the air, food, and care that they need to look and feel like a thick carpet.

Dream Greener has the expertise and the equipment to ensure that core aeration will not only improve the look of your lawn, but will also keep it healthy for years to come.


Beneficial for Root Growth and Nutrient Absorption

Spring and Fall AerationAerated soil allows your grass to absorb water and nutrients more easily, which your lawn needs to stay healthy, and to help it grow. As your root system is better able to transport resources that your grass needs, you’ll see a real difference. Aeration also breaks down thatch, which is a layer of dead grass. A thick layer of thatch prevents sunlight and water from reaching your grass. Aerating the lawn will allow the thatch to break down into a thin layer, which is ideal for the growth of grass.

Spring and Fall Aeration Schedules

You can aerate in the spring or the fall, and we suggest an annual or bi-annual schedule to keep your lawn looking its best. In the Pittsburgh area during the spring, the best time to aerate is between March and May, and in the fall, between August and October.

Core aeration is a key to improving the health of your lawn. It reduces soil compaction, enhances the circulation of air, water, and nutrients deep into soil, breaks down thatch, and helps thicken the lawn. Aeration requires specialized equipment, so call Dream Greener today to learn more about how to keep your grass healthy and your lawn looking great.

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